Though the three-axis gimbal offers an extra level of stabilization, not all are superior to two-axis gimbals for industrial missions. If you’re looking for a small, light gimbal, optimized for height and mass and highly adaptable with multiple drone platforms, the 2-axis gimbal is a great option. It provides the same image and video quality level as 3-axis gimbals but gives a longer flight time. Plus, it can be optimized for specific applications like land surveying, 2D & 3D LiDAR mapping, wind turbine, power line inspection, bridge inspection, and more.

For instance, when it comes to bridge inspection, accessing the underside of a bridge is a major obstacle while conducting inspections. In this case, a drone equipped with a front-mounted two-axis gimbal gives operators an unobstructed view from top to bottom. As a result, inspectors can see beneath and beside the spans, gathering valuable visual data on these crucial areas of the bridge.


Optimized Design for Long Flight Time

Gremsy two-axis T3V3 is built upon the standard T3V3, weighing just 745g and lighter by 30% than the T3V3. Benefiting from its predecessor, the gimbal delivers enhanced capabilities in an optimally lightweight form, allowing for extended flight time to handle a wide range of industrial missions.

Highly Adaptable for Multi-Drone Platforms

Fully supporting MAVLink protocol and enabling connections to the most widely used drone systems available today, the two-axis T3V3 is ready to fly with drones using CubePilot, PX4, etc.

Support Flexible Mounting OptionsGremsy two-axis T3V3 features two mounting options: front and bottom.

Using the standard T3V3 dampening system, the gimbal can be easily fitted beneath the aircraft with the bottom mount option. Depending on your specific configuration, certain drones with short-landing gear may require a dampening adapter. With the front mounting option, the two-axis T3V3 dampening system
will be customized to fit your drone platform.

Built-In Advanced Connections

The two-axis T3V3 also provides advanced I/O connections for USB-C, HDMI,AUX, COM, and POWER to facilitate communication between the gimbal and your camera, drone, and remote controller.

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About Gremsy

Gremsy is a leading global manufacturer of quality, cutting-edge camera stabilizers used by mappers, surveyors, inspectors, drone service providers, industry experts, and even professional filmmakers. Gremsy gimbals are designed to be highly adaptable for integration with various drones and cameras, providing
steady footage and efficient solutions for a multitude of industrial applications.

Gremsy also provides customized gimbal solutions tailored to customers’ needs.

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