Engineering Internships At Woot Tech

Woot Tech is passionate about the promotion and progress of unmanned systems and vehicles, and innovating in autonomous vehicle systems and its related fields is our core business. We believe that innovation is something innate, in the same way that being an actor or player can be. So, it is best to start early. Even before you graduate, Woot Tech wants to ignite the spark of unmanned innovation in the brightest and most enterprising young minds.

In our Internship Program, which accepts students around the year, we give students hands-on experience of the entire air vehicle design and development process, from drawing board to flight. The interns are an integral and unforgettable part of the team that brings Woot Tech innovation into our next generation of amazing drones. Interns gain technical, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills needed to ensure quality required in the aerospace industry. These engineering internships strengthen the students’ resumes and can turn into full-time jobs for the best amongst the chosen ones.

Promising sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students or even those in a self-studied or online MOOC program in a degree program are invited to explore the opportunity. We also have limited opportunities for school students.

At the end of the program, the interns are part of the growing family that says Woot! every time there is a need to think out of the box.

Awards Winning Undergrad Team lands to intern at Woot Tech

In summer 2021, GIKI’s TEAM INVICTUS were chosen from amongst 300 applicants to intern at Woot Tech. This is a stellar group of young men and women from Pakistan’s top engineering schools. They won multiple prizes at the AIAA Design, Build & Fly Competition 2021 among 115 teams from around the globe are here to learn more about autonomous aircraft. They were exposed to the complete cycle of UAV design cycle and flight testing during their stay. Woot Tech remains committed to supporting unmanned technology and sharing our knowledge base with the next generation. These sophomores, juniors, and senior students of Materials, Mechanical, and Electrical engineering proved their worth in the grueling boot camp at Woot Tech HQ. We wish them all the luck in future competitions.

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