One of the biggest threats in the Area of Responsibility (AOR) is the threat of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), better known as drones. There have been a number of foreign sUAS sightings around the Allied Forces Central Europe (AFCENT) in recent months which has caused concern for base safety. 332d Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron advises anyone if they spot a drone or sUAS around the base to report it immediately to Counter-Drug Operations Center (CDOC) at 7-6030 or to Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron. Captain Steven Haberkorn, 332d ESFS, Director of Operations, says “foreign or unfriendly drones try to penetrate base security and gather intelligence or cause harm to base equipment, buildings or individuals… If you see anything suspicious use the 6-line Quick Reaction Reporting System.”

  1. 1. Name/Number
  2. 2. Location of sighting
  3. 3. Direction of travel
  4. 4. Drone type: Fixed Wing or Rotatory
  5. 5. Identifiable markings
  6. 6. Is the drone: Hovering, circling or other​​             

332d Security Forces have countermeasures to deter these operations and when spotted can be thwarted immediately. Staff Sgt. Braxton McHughes, 332d Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, sUAS Program Manager, says “not to worry if you accidentally report a friendly authorized drone in the area… no harm no foul.” also states “if you see something but don’t say something and it isn’t an authorized drone then it could possibly be a hostile threat that you have allowed in our airspace and threaten our assets and lives.” Remember to stay vigilant and if you see anything suspicious, report it. 

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