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Polish start-up REAKTO introduces drones for the security industry based on Anything as a Service (XaaS) canvas.

The REAKTO company from Cracow, Poland is working on an innovative solution – the Rapid Response Drone Network. With the use of its own drones, docking stations and flight management system, it’ll provide an ‘on-demand’ security service. The drone will appear at the incident location in less time
than it may take to carry out a premeditated break-in. The company is now running a pilot programme with their partner security agencies. The commercialisation is scheduled for Q1 2023.

Drone-in-a-box security systems are nothing new, especially in private companies, but an infrastructure based on a network of docking stations with hangared drones managed by a system controlled by one operator is undoubtedly a game changer for security companies. This is a solution developed by REAKTO, which is currently running a pilot programme with its partner security agencies. The start-up from Poland builds its own drones, which can reach the emergency location within 3 minutes to verify if it’s a false alarm or identify the intruder and help take them down.

REAKTO provides the service based on the Anything as a service (XaaS) model.

Our partner (security agency) won’t have to finance and implement our technological solutions on its own, which is currently a huge barrier when it comes to the use of solutions based on drones. In the case of our business model, the entry threshold is lowered, because the docking stations and drones remain our property and responsibility. It’s also us who, as the operator, will control and perform the flights.

Explains Wojciech Stawiarski, founder and CEO of REAKTO.

The first flights are planned for the third quarter of 2022.
The means for the implementation of the infrastructure dedicated to unmanned aircraft and the launch of its own operation centre REAKTO obtained through the crowdfunding campaign organised last year, which allowed the company to collect 1.3 million PLN (approx. 300k EUR) from the investors.

The pilot programme and the first commercial implementations will take place in Poland, but the company intends to expand into international markets. It’ll be possible relatively quickly on the European markets due to the latest changes in the legislation related to unmanned aerial vehicles: harmonisation of the regulations in all the EU countries.

Investments in the Drone Market

The UAV market is a rapidly developing aviation sector with a huge growth potential, especially in the EU countries. It’s estimated that the drone market in Europe alone will reach 9.9 billion USD in 2025, compared to 5.2 billion USD in 2020. The changes in the legal regulations are to bring about further development of this sector in Europe. They’ll be related to the standardisation of regulations on the functioning of drones in the public space.

About the company:

REAKTO is both a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and an operator, with a team of experienced engineers, logisticians and business developers. They deploy UAV infrastructure based on Anything as a Service canvas. In parallel, REAKTO develops their first service, the Rapid Response Drone Network, dedicated to security companies and their customers. REAKTO establishes operational and technical frameworks that enable semi-autonomous (and ultimately autonomous) UAV operations at scale, considering latest directives from European policymakers.

The CEO of the company is Wojciech Stawiarski who has a vast experience in the design of highly available and high-performance information systems. The Board of Directors consists of experts in the fields such as: IT, aerial vehicle engineering, flight logistics and commerce, as well as public funds gathering.

The characteristics and operation principles of the REAKTO service are explained HERE.
More: linkedin.com/company/reakto-uav

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