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Flex Force Launches New DRONEBUSTER® Model

Portland, OREGON, August, 2022: Portland, Oregon-based Flex Force Enterprises Inc. (Flex
Force) launches its new Dronebuster SNA hand-held drone countermeasure. The Dronebuster SNA
provides a satellite navigation attack feature used in lieu of, or in combination with, existing full spectrum
jamming already available in the Dronebuster. The size, weight and ease-of-use of the system was also
focus of the design team, with existing Dronebuster controls maintained while hardening the housing. The
new system is both programmable and interfaceable with other C-UAS sensors.

Since delivering its first Dronebuster over five years ago, Flex Force has provided ongoing design improvements to the Dronebuster to improve performance, hardening, and ease-of-use. Flex Force has continued to work with end-users to understand requirements and release product capabilities that increase performance and reliability while maintaining ease-of-use. The Dronebuster remains the world’s best-selling hand-held countermeasure with over 1200 systems in use around the world.

Flex Force Chief Engineer George Schwartz noted, “Adding this navigation attack capability while
maintaining the jamming performance was a remarkable achievement by our engineering team. This new
Dronebuster SNA provides significantly improved capability while shrinking the size & weight of an already
market-leading system.” The DRONEBUSTER is being marketed for authorized U.S. Government and
International Government users only. Flex Force will have the Dronebuster SNA at the upcoming Counter
UAS Summit in Alexandria, VA 17-18 August 2022 and EW LIVE 22 event in Estonia in September.

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