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FAA Grants Ondas Holdings’ American Robotics Part 107 Waiver for Expanded Automated BVLOS Operations

 Ondas Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:ONDS) (“Ondas” or the “Company”), a leading provider of private wireless data, drone, and automated data solutions through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Ondas Networks Inc. and American Robotics, Inc. (“American Robotics” or “AR”), today announced that the FAA has granted American Robotics a Part 107 Waiver for expanded Automated Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) operations.

This approval is an amendment to American Robotics’ original FAA waiver granted in 2021, which made American Robotics the first company authorized to operate its autonomous drone technology BVLOS with no pilots or visual observers on-site. The new waiver builds upon American Robotics’ portfolio of existing regulatory achievements, increasing the range that its autonomous drone technology can operate, further demonstrating the company’s industry-leading position. With greater operating authority granted to the Scout System, customers will experience an increased ROI with the ability to collect high resolution data over larger areas of assets.

For the past six years, American Robotics has been testing advanced autonomy and BVLOS-related technologies, working closely with regulators to reach goals and milestones. After being granted this new waiver from the FAA, the American Robotics Scout System can operate autonomously at ranges up to 10 miles, unlocking inspections over large industrial sites and linear assets such as pipelines, railways, and electrical transmission lines. With a larger range and the ability to customize operations to fit unique customer site geographies, American Robotics is enabling key industries to take advantage of autonomous drone operations and analytics that are critical to propel their businesses forward. The impact of the Part 107 Waiver is immediate for current customers and will enable American Robotics to accelerate its solution offerings to new customers in 2023 and beyond.

“American Robotics believes that autonomy, safety, and government approval are the bedrocks of a scalable commercial drone business, and we continue to execute on this mission with additional approvals from the FAA,” said Reese Mozer, co-founder and CEO of American Robotics. “This achievement is not only a milestone for our company and our customers, but it’s also a signal that the commercial drone industry is progressing in the United States, an achievement that American Robotics is honored to be leading.”

As American Robotics continues to push the commercial drone industry forward, this new waiver from the FAA is another important step in the journey to nationwide adoption of autonomous drone solutions for commercial applications. The next era of aviation is driven by electrification and autonomy, and scaling this technology is critical to unlocking vast benefits for the economy, safety, and the environment.

To learn more about American Robotics and its Scout System drone, click here.

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