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Altitude Angel – onboarding

I joined Altitude Angel a week before the first Automated Skies event was due to kick off, such a large event involves the whole team, so understandably everyone was very busy and couldn’t dedicate too much time to my initial onboarding.

This was quickly resolved post-event, and I don’t feel I missed out on anything, but instead, the fully immersive experience meant I learned a lot about the company early on. 

I was made to feel very welcome by all and really enjoyed my welcome bag of Altitude Angel branded goodies. My workstation and laptop were all laid out ready for me and I could get straight into it working through the pre-written onboarding checklist. 

Being treated as a member of the team straight away really aided in my initial experience with the company. I was able to jump in where possible and felt my opinions and suggestions were both heard and respected.  I was afforded the time, when I needed it, to get my head around the more technical aspects of the role.  

Whilst there are no set training manuals, I feel the process was not overwhelming and all support was and continues to be given where needed.  

Having experienced poor onboarding with a previous role, the positive difference I felt when joining Altitude Angel was staggering. To feel like you have made the right decision when joining a new company is exactly what a new joiner wants, and the team Altitude Angel did everything they could to make this a reality. 

Joe, Project Manager at Altitude Angel.

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