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Tyto Robotics Announces Pre-Orders for the World’s Largest Off-The-Shelf Drone Test Stand

Gatineau, Quebec

Tyto Robotics has just revealed its newest, biggest-ever test stand: the Flight Stand 150. It is the world’s largest off-the-shelf test stand of its kind, measuring up to 150 kgf of thrust and 150 Nm of torque, compatible with propellers up to and beyond 2 meters in diameter.

The Flight Stand 150 is designed to test the propulsion systems of large electric aircraft: heavy-lift drones, eVTOL, and electric planes. The stand itself is just over 5 feet tall (Charles Blouin, below, is just over 6 feet tall).

Up to this point, test stands of this size have only been available as custom orders.

“In the past, customers wanting this size of test stand would have to wait months for a custom order or might even have to build it themselves”, says distribution and sales manager Joffrey Ferry, “now we are able to deliver a standardized, ready-made stand to meet their needs.”

Like the other members of the Flight Stand product line, the stand has a sampling rate of 1,000 Hz, is calibrated with ASTM protocols, and has a compact design for minimum airflow interference. The stand measures thrust, torque, RPM, power and efficiency and can be used to help increase flight time, payload, range, and reliability.

Figure 2: Flight Stand 150 with 70” Mejzlik propeller

The Flight Stands are built in Canada at Tyto Robotics’ Gatineau facility. Pre-orders of the stand are now open with delivery expected by the end of 2022.

More information about the Flight Stand 150’s specifications are available on Tyto Robotics’ website, where you can also find pre-order information.

About Tyto Robotics

Tyto Robotics is a Canadian aerospace company specializing in the development of professional testing tools for drone characterization. The company manufactures several varieties of test stands that fully characterize brushless motors and propellers for drones and eVTOL aircraft. The test equipment and software precisely measure thrust, torque, power and efficiency so that drone designers can optimize their propulsion systems for maximum performance. Thousands of companies across the globe have benefited from Tyto Robotics’ products, including NASA, Airbus, Volansi and numerous prestigious research institutions. https://www.tytorobotics.com/

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