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ELECTRON 7 Successfully Demonstrated in the United Arab Emirates

In early June the UVR team, with the assistance of uScovery DMCC and participation of ITOD Aircraft Manufacturing, successfully demonstrated the flights of the helicopter-type drone “ELECTRON 7” in the United Arab Emirates.

A sample of the unmanned aerial vehicle was presented to high-ranking officials and businessmen from the UAE in a remote area of the emirate Ras al-Khaimah in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the UAV in monitoring infrastructure, delivering of small cargo and security observing.

During the demonstration flights, the drone completed tasks that included flying out of sight in a mountainous area, detailed inspection of a communication tower and monitoring road traffic. The high air temperatures, which caused certain inconveniences to those present at the show, did not affect the performance of the drone and confirmed its suitability for operation in the local hot climate.

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