Valis Engineering Group joins DLE to expand its activities in the drone logistics

Valis Engineering Group joins DLE to expand its activities in the drone logistics

LISBON, PORTUGAL– The well-established engineering and steel fabrication company VALIS ENGINEERING GROUP is joining Drone Logistics Ecosystem (DLE) to support the existing members to standardise the fragmented drone delivery industry. The company have entered a partnership with three DLE members, AirGo Design (Singapore), JetWind (Brazil), SinePower (Portugal), to develop innovative vertiport solutions. VALIS Engineering Group main expertise is the construction of steel structures and support structures specifically for industrial noise reduction, airport noise reduction and jet-blast protection structures. With over 30 years of experience in noise reduction solutions and airport safety products, VALIS Engineering is leveraging its expertise to develop a unique modular landing pad. The landing pad will allow operators to scale, update and modify the configuration of the landing pad to suit evolving needs and technologies. Primary development modules at the moment are automated cargo load/unload, cabled charging of batteries, active noise cancelling and passive noise reduction modules. The modularity of the system allows for future features to be developed.

“In a fast-evolving technological environment, the solutions being developed by the partnership will have insights and knowledge incorporation from all the components of the drone ecosystem: cargo management, UAV development, power and charging management, environmental impact reduction and ground operations automation. The future of the drone delivery market is open and fast-evolving. VALIS Engineering will contribute with its vision for scalable interoperable landing solutions with an environmentally friendly product which reduces the impact of drone operations to the surrounding communities and improves the economical returns to drone operators. Joining DLE will help fast forward the technological exchange thus reducing time to market and improving the fit of our product development to market needs.” Said, Vasco Velez Grilo, Managing Partner of VALIS ENGINEERING GROUP.

About Drone Logistics Ecosystem™

DLE is a global/virtual network of Companies, Universities, the Public/Governments, and Investors operating in the drone logistics industry. The aim of the DLE is to bring together stakeholders to collaborate to stimulate standardization in this rapidly emerging industry. Hence, accelerating cross-border marketing and commercialization of products and services of its members. Since most of the companies in this industry are early-stage start-ups with limited access to funding, manpower and expertise, DLE is the ideal platform for companies to share their expertise to co-develop products and services and/or acquire necessary cross-border market access in partnership with other members.

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