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The 2022 small Unmanned Systems Business Journal

These articles are insights written by industry professionals in the trenches of this growing industry. Desert Rotor’s Debin Ray writes about how Design Methodology, Operational Agility, Crew Flexibility, and Financial Strategy helped their world-leading GSC company weather the Global Supply Chain storm.

DroneHive gives us their take on pilot training. More training is probably not a bad idea for folks who plan to stay in this business. Sky Drones discusses equipment, flight control, and planning.

SkyeBrowse writes about emergency response applications for their videogrammetry software.

Douglas Marshall gives us insight into the trials and tribulations of applying for drone waivers and exemptions. He is an old hand at the NAS integration rodeo, and his article, Not What You Said 5 Years Ago, is worth a read as it may save you some grief in the future.

Peter van Blyenburgh gives us some perspective from the EU with a story about the Working Group 2205-1 on Training, Qualification & Examination of Remote Pilots, Instructors & Examiners in the EU “Specific” Operational Category.

I give a history dissertation regarding the twenty-year airspace integration effort. Full drone NAS integration was supposed to happen in September of 2015. Yes, that would include BVLOS (not EVLOS with a VO), sans waivers, and exemptions. It is an unmitigated disaster that has people frustrated. Many at the FAA like to discount my concerns as the rantings of an unhappy internet troll. I say nice try, but the wonky policy/subpar rules are not mine. Plenty of solutions have been discussed but have only fallen on deaf ears.

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