Tata STRIVE partners with DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations for generating drone-based employment

Tata STRIVE partners with DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations for generating drone-based employment

A year back, one would wonder if the Indian drone industry could provide a stable career to those
looking for a rewarding job. But today, many are convinced that this industry actually has the potential
to go through a much-anticipated boom. As the drone ecosystem grows so does the requirement for
skilled and experienced personnel. Recognizing the potential of talent generation for the drone
industry, Tata STRIVE and DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations have partnered to provide skill-based
training to youth from underserved communities in the sector.

The association is a stepping stone in making drone pilot training and associated courses available and
known to the masses. The list of courses include DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) certified
drone pilot training, drone building, drone repair and maintenance, drone data processing with GIS,
Python coding for automation and customized industrial training for Agriculture, Mining, Logistics,
Surveillance, Security and Disaster Management.

Talking about the traction and reach that these courses could muster, Mrs. Anita Rajan, CEO at Tata
STRIVE mentions “These courses have a potential of making an individual job – ready and marketable
from the day an individual receives certification. Tata STRIVE is excited to partner with DroneAcharya
to enable livelihoods in this emerging sector for youth of our country.”

Apart from raising awareness, these courses will play a crucial role in making India a Global Drone Hub.
With official guidelines by the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) for mining activities, National Highways
Authority of India for road assessments and Survey of India for mapping India using drones, the
demand for drone pilots, data experts, drone repair and maintenance individuals and drone building is
only going to increase.

“We have 150+ active training locations all over India. We will identify locations with requisite physical
space to conduct drone training programmes, where we plan to integrate DroneAcharya’s courses and
provide additional training courses to marginalized individuals. We see a vast potential in these
courses as most of them can also be taken online. The huge demand for drone pilots in various
industry sectors after liberalized drone policy, leaves us with an opportunity to train an employable and
future-ready workforce”, adds Ameya Vanjari, Head of Operations, Partnerships & Technology at Tata

“Generating skills for a cause has always been close to our hearts. Through our experience and skills,
we aim to benefit the masses from every minority group today. We are planning to launch training
drives for special groups like the All Women’s Batch, LGBTQIA community, Wives of the Fallen Heroes
and Revival Courses for Retired Defense Personnel, to name a few”, says Prateek Srivastava, Founder
& CEO of DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations.

Tata STRIVE, is an organization aimed at actively bridging the gap between vocational education and
industry needs. Having a massive reach, it has positively impacted over 1 million individuals till date. Its
vision of providing “Gainful livelihood for every individual” fits perfectly with Pune based drone service
and training provider, DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations. This association aims towards creating job
opportunities in the Indian drone industry and also encourages entrepreneurs. The courses also come
with a one- year hand holding period after completion to ensure that the individuals are able to secure
a meaningful livelihood.

“We have a mix of highly experienced leaders and young and energetic team members, who are
passionate about drones. With this association, we aim to not only provide new opportunities to the
greater public but to also equip the Indian drone industry with talent and skill”, says Amit Takte, VP –
Technology & Training at DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations.