Four times as many flying scholarships available to disabled flyers, after Armchair Airshow success

Four times as many flying scholarships will be provided after the soaraway success of this year’s Armchair Airshow from Aerobility, the disabled flying charity.

In total 32 new flying experiences for disabled people, can now be offered free of charge, enabling flyers to experience the magic and wonder of flight. Last year’s show funded eight.

This year’s Armchair Airshow, which was broadcast live at the end of May from London Biggin Hill Airport, is still available to view online at and has so far generated more than £65,000, nearly 50% more than in 2021.

Mike Miller-Smith, CEO of Hampshire-based Aerobility, said: “We rely on the generosity of our supporters so that we can provide anyone with any disability with access to the magic and wonder of flight.

We are humbled that so many have once again dug deep and supported our work. This has delivered a massive boost in capacity to our over-subscribed services, meaning we can take more people in to the skies, changing their perspective on the world and their personal capabilities forever. We are particularly grateful to the Department for Transport and Aerobytes for their support of the show.

Buoyed by the success of this year’s Armchair Airshow we are already planning to build on that in 2023 – watch this space for more details in due course.

This year’s show featured world record holders Zara Rutherford and Travis Ludlow who as teenagers, both independently circumnavigated the world by air, and an interview with Squadron Leader Graeme Muscat, Team Leader, the Red Arrows, a.k.a. Red 10. The show even explored and answered the questions, can Concorde fly through Tower Bridge? and can you loop a 737?

The Armchair Airshow Scholarship Fund will open for applications on the 1st August. On offer will be a mix of Flying Experience Days and 5-hour Flying Scholarships. Keep an eye on the website and social media for details.

About Aerobility

Aerobility changes lives by providing anyone, with any disability with access to the magic and wonder of flight.  

We do this because taking the controls of an aircraft drives a focus on capability and encourages our flyers to ask the question ‘If I can fly an aeroplane, what else can I do?’  

This makes everything else in life feel that little bit more achievable, whilst offering the ultimate feeling of freedom and escape from restrictions of disability. 

Flying with Aerobility can deliver increased life ambition, leading to improved life opportunity, driving many of our beneficiaries toward more independent and personally fulfilling lives. 

Aerobility represents the needs of those living with disability in to aviation and is recognised as the leading expert in disabled flying. 

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