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D-Fend Solutions Wins 2022 Gold Globee® Disruptor Company, Disruptor Product, and Grand Trophy Awards in Aerospace & Defense

 D-Fend Solutions, the leader in counter-drone, radio frequency cyber-based takeover technology, today announced that The Globee® Awards, the organizers of the world’s premier business awards programs and business ranking lists, has named D-Fend Solutions as a recipient of the 2022 Disruptor Company and Disruptor Product awards within the Aerospace & Defense category. The company was also awarded The Grand Trophy Globee® Award, which is specially awarded by The Globee’s Editors. These prestigious global awards recognize disruptive technologies and innovative solutions that are transforming experiences everywhere.

“We are gratified by the validation and recognition from winning this year’s Globee® Disruptor Awards,” said Jeffrey Starr, D-Fend Solutions’ Chief Marketing Officer. “The Globee criteria of transformation, persistence and moving beyond legacy systems, traditional constraints, and existing ways, all while taking on huge challenges to solve big pains, specifically in the defense and public safety arena, is in perfect alignment with our vision, mission, and operational solution set.”

About the Globee Disruptor Company and Disruptor Product Awards
Disruptors are companies that have the potential and competence to displace existing solutions, companies, and even entire industries. Disruptive products, services, technologies, and solutions are transforming experiences everywhere while end-user needs are continuously evolving. Legacy systems are not always fast enough to accept and respond to such needs.

Disruptors are highly persistent, acting without the constraints of traditionally accepted processes or business models. They use technology and modern tools to achieve end results and are not hindered by existing ways of industry stalwarts. They are ready to take on an enormous challenge and find solutions for the biggest pain points.

About D-Fend Solutions
D-Fend Solutions is the leading counter-drone, cyber-takeover technology provider, enabling full control, safety and continuity during rogue drone incidents across complex and sensitive environments, to overcome both current and emerging drone threats. With hundreds of deployments worldwide, EnforceAir, the company’s flagship offering, focuses on the most dangerous drone threats in military, public safety, airport, prison, major event and critical infrastructure environments. D-Fend Solutions’ technology has been chosen as best-in-class and is in deployment at top-tier U.S. government agencies – including with U.S. military, federal law enforcement and homeland security – as well as major international airports globally. EnforceAir autonomously executes RF, cyber-takeovers of rogue drones for a safe landing and outcome, ensuring the smooth flow of communications, commerce, transportation and everyday life.

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