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Wasp-Killing spray drone finds new frontiers


AeroPest Announces New Markets for it’s Internationally Patent Pending Precision Spraying Drone

Philadelphia, PA: AeroPest, a Drexel University-backed drone-tech startup, announced a new product, the Hummingbird, an aerial precision spraying system. The Hummingbird offers a new way for pest control technicians to eliminate elevated pests such as wasp nests without the use of dangerous ladders, lifts, and rooftop climbing.

Beyond pest control, AeroPest sees potential for expansion into other industries that require elevated spraying and that place workers in dangerous elevated situations.

“Our technology which can precisely apply any liquid at any height, the company is finding use cases in a variety of industries, we have had inquiries for applications as diverse as lubricating industrial machinery to de-icing aircraft. If you believe our technology could be useful in your industry, please reach out,” says Harrison Hertzberg, Founder and CEO at AeroPest.

Features and benefits of the Hummingbird include increased…
 Safety: Prevent unnecessary injury, death, and liability from elevated falls
 Revenues: Service more clients with more services for more money
 Effectiveness: Perform previously unreachable services faster with a precision liquid application, cutting chemical costs

The Hummingbird will be available in the 3 rd quarter of 2022. For more information on the product please email us at [email protected].

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