The EVOLVE 2 from XDynamics gives aerial filmmakers full creative freedom in flight, camera and lens options

Filmmakers can now attain true creative freedom – controlling how they tell their story from an aerial perspective every step of the way with the EVOLVE 2. Designed by XDynamics, the innovators in professional aerial filmmaking equipment, the aircraft fosters a state-of-the-art shooting experience with unlimited conditions. This means that users can prioritize image quality. The EVOLVE 2 is a lightweight, durable and impeccably constructed drone that can operate in the most challenging environments with no geofencing technology.

As part of its core purposes, The EVOLVE 2 connects aerial filmmakers and videographers, drone enthusiasts, pilots and collectors of products on the cutting-edge to their limitless potential as multi-level professionals. XDynamics’ exceptional international design team uses aerospace materials that make the EVOLVE 2 the strongest and lightest professional drone on the market.

Coupled with a compact, powerful performance, interchangeable gimble and lenses and a fast, intuitive interface with smart technology, the holistic platform facilitates an unrivalled sense of creative freedom for each user.

The EVOLVE 2 drone platform offers the most advanced camera technologies with incomparable image quality. Featuring the industry-leading Astra m4/3 camera with a Micro Four Thirds sensor, they empower users to create amazing imagery. The m4/3 system allows for the use of a wide range of non-proprietary lenses from Olympus and Panasonic, among others, which also distinguishes the drone platform from others on the market for filmmakers. In addition, the gimbal is removable and can be swapped for other payloads. The onboard system offers Apple ProRes 10 Bit video recording at an impressive 4K 120fps. The 12MP resolution sensor and its large 4.63μm pixels delivers high dynamic range and amazing performance in low light environments.

Currently available on and coming soon to Amazon, the EVOLVE 2 is changing the game for how we capture moments.