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Orqa and FlyFive33 enter into a new partnership!

FlyFive33, the leading brand in FPV racing equipment, and Orqa d.o.o., one of the top vendors and manufacturers of FPV headsets, officially entered into a partnership on May 27th with the aim of collaboration on design, development, manufacturing and implementation of mission critical drone components and First Person View headsets for visual command and control of FlyFive33 portfolio of drones.

Ivan Jelušić, one of the Orqa’s founders and its CSO, says:

“It is undeniable that FPV racing generates a lot of heat nowadays, and it’s becoming more and more of a thing, both as a hobby and sport. At Orqa, we’ve always strived to work with the best, and looking at this from the perspective of advancing the standards of the FPV racing world, there’s no one better to become partners with on this rising sport than FlyFive33.”

Moreover, Evan Turner, a professional FPV Drone Pilot, two-time world champion and Co Owner of FlyFive33 also made a comment on this new partnership:

“Orqa’s never ending innovation, manufacturing capacity, and expertise are exactly the qualities we were looking for in a partner to bring Five33 and FPV racing around the world to the next level. The newest racing model of the goggles we did in collaboration with Orqa has blown us and our customers away, and has been stated by many to be the best racing headset on the market. We are so proud to announce Orqa as the amazing new hosts of the Five33 EU warehouse located in Croatia, now allowing the EU shop to be filled with more products than ever AND immediate access to all the newest products with no waiting :) It’s the first step to a much bigger relationship with Orqa, and myself, Armando and the rest of the team at Five33 are shaking with excitement.”

The successful beginning of this mutually beneficial partnership sets the basis for future collaboration, with the main goal of exclusive distribution of FlyFive33 products in Europe. Ivan Jelušić says:

“We plan to stock all of FlyFive33’s hot products and distribute them to EU customers  in the next month or so, and we’re truly excited to be in partnership on this ambitious endeavor with both Evan Turner and FlyFive33.”

Check out the links to Orqa and FlyFive33 web pages below:

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