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My New Venture

I am excited and delighted to announce my newest startup venture, Snake Oil and Gas
Exploration. I first had the idea for the technology scouting company over a decade ago, but the USA NAS integration effort waylaid me. After spending 20-years on the FAA NAS integration regulatory wheel of suffering, I decided to follow the herd and not just embrace but also cash in the dysfunction.

There is a fortune (AUVSI estimate of $82.1 billion in 2023) just waiting to be had, and this is our chance to cash in on the mega-billions. We are currently looking for an investment of
anywhere from a modest one to ninety million dollars. Let us say ‘no mas’ to the Chinese eating our IP lunch combo! With your investment, we will go out and round up the technology that will put the United States and its allies back in the race.

If this venture turns out to be half as important as I think it is, we will use the momentum to lobby congress for regulation that will once again advances the domestic technology sectors of Land, Air, Sea, and Space! A new Century series of aircraft or space exploration is not beyond what we can do with the will to change! Let’s get this thing on the hump; we have some innovating to do!

Private message me for details on how YOU can be a part of this 21st Century technological

Twitter @TheDroneDealer

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