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Indian company DroneAcharya is generating talent for the Drone Industry

Drones, today, are a tried and tested technology in a number of industries. However, with the plethora of opportunities that it brings along comes an ever-increasing demand for talent and experience. Although countries such as the United States, Germany, China, and the United Kingdom have already made significant strides in terms of drone numbers and pilots, India is not far behind, thanks to a strong push from its governing bodies. Multiple drone projects are being rolled out by the Government and Private organisations. However, there is a scarcity of certified drone pilots.

Understanding this major deficit in the industry, DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations, has become a DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) – Authorised Remote Pilot Training Organisation (RPTO), with a mission to transform India into a Global Drone Hub by 2030.

Aiming to upskill the next generation, their main objective is to satiate the ever-growing demand for certified talent in the Indian drone industry.

Offering the best inline international-grade equipment for training, they boast of highly experienced DGCA Certified Drone Instructors. DroneAcharyas’s trainers, Amit Takte and Neha Patil, have a combined hands-on experience of 25 years and possess more than 500 hours of flight time. Students can rest assured with a sense of security in learning from one of the best in the country.

When asked how DroneAcharya stands out as a training organisation, Amit Takte, VP Operations, stated, “I would say the practical exposure, overall knowledge, and experience in the UAV industry is what sets us apart. Our responsibility is not only to teach our candidates how to fly the drone but also to ensure that they have access to numerous job opportunities and excel in them”.

Taking their cause a notch further, DroneAcharya has announced India’s first ALL WOMEN’S DGCA drone pilot certification batch to address the issue of the glaring gender disparity in the men to women drone pilot ratio. ”Today, we are seeing an increasing number of women in the boardroom. We plan to replicate that in the Indian drone airspace as well”, comments Prateek Srivastava, Founder and CEO of DroneAcharya.

Apart from this, they offer a comprehensive range of drone solutions and services, effectively serving as a one-stop shop for all things drones. Their services range from drone surveying to data processing, mapping, drone delivery, drone insurance and training. They have partnered with ICICI Lombard to provide comprehensive and third party insurance coverages for drones. They also partnered with Flipkart to deliver COVID-19 vaccines using drones.

DroneAcharya is planning for a global expansion, having already established offices in North Carolina and the United Arab Emirates. They are also actively partnering with industry leaders for both hardware and software to increase their offerings portfolio. Among their partners are software giants SPH Engineering, a Latvian manufacturing company producing specialised drone sensors and software; and Epic Games, an American video game and software developer.

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