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Fujifilm’s FIPAS™ Service Offers High-Tech Solution for Infrastructure Maintenance

Brand Institute is proud to announce having worked with Fujifilm Corporation in developing the FIPAS™ brand name. FIPAS™ is a photo analysis service that utilizes cloud-based software to automatically identify deteriorations in concrete from photos and estimate their size. Fujifilm is committed to supporting the infrastructure maintenance industry with its innovative AI and imaging technologies.

FIPAS™ enhances and supports the inspection process, improving efficiency by identifying and visualizing detailed damage in infrastructure, such as cracks, spall, efflorescence and rebar exposure via its AI and imaging technology. When used with drone imaging, FIPAS™ can help minimize the cost of inspections.

“The entire Brand Institute Team congratulates Fujifilm on the development of the FIPAS photo analysis service,” said Brand Institute’s Chairman and C.E.O., James L. Dettore. “We wish Fujifilm immense success with the FIPAS brand.”

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