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Cyberhawk and Shamal Technologies deploy Visual Intelligence to transform major capital projects in Saudi Arabia

Cyberhawk has signed an agreement with Shamal Technologies to digitally transform the way major construction projects are managed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Shamal Technologies is a leading geospatial company that delivers end-to-end data acquisition, visualization and analytics solutions that can reduce operational risk. The company is the first in Saudi Arabia to develop solutions that integrate artificial intelligence technology with unmanned systems. 

Cyberhawk is a world leader in visual data solutions for energy infrastructure and capital projects. The UK firm captures images of critical infrastructure using drone technology, which is analyzed using Cyberhawk’s cloud-based visualization software, iHawk.

As part of the agreement, both parties will combine data acquisition and analytics expertise to launch a powerful Visual Intelligence solution for major capital projects in Saudi Arabia.

Shamal Online, the name given to the new data management and visualization platform, will be powered by iHawk. Cyberhawk will also provide technical knowledge transfer support and scale up drone surveying operations for planned construction projects within the region.

The construction monitoring solution will support project managers to track milestones, coordinate vendor activities, and schedule future onsite work.

The fully enabled IoT solution will empower project managers to make evidence-based decisions by integrating seamlessly with third-party sensors and APIs. Geospatial information, including imagery acquired from ground cameras, CCTV, drones, and autonomous technologies will form data layers for analysis on an unprecedented scale.

The agreement was signed during a ceremony held at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) which is an institute focused on driving innovation, economic development, and social prosperity in Saudi Arabia.

The partnership is aligned with the Saudi 2030 vision to form strong international alliances and invest in a highly trained Saudi workforce to develop progressive industries and futureproof the economy.

Chris Fleming, Chief Executive Officer at Cyberhawk commented: “Countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council are successfully growing and diversifying their economies through digital transformation strategies. Shamal Technologies is a great example of this, and we’re excited about working together to accelerate innovation within the Kingdom.”

Haitham Aljahdali, CEO at Shamal Technologies added: “The world is in a data revolution. That leads us to use great visualization tools to empower thousands of asset owners, project, and inspection managers to harness the power of data. Cyberhawk has one of the best-in-class data management and visualization platforms in the world. We are glad to have this partnership with the market leader in the field.”

About Cyberhawk

With Headquarters in Edinburgh, (UK), offices in Denver, Colorado (USA), and Doha, (Qatar), Cyberhawk has accomplished over 30 world firsts for drone inspections with blue-chip energy and utility companies in more than 35 countries worldwide. Cyberhawk is transforming asset integrity management and capital projects with a cloud-based visual asset software solution, called iHawk, which digitizes inspection data captured by novel drone technology. For more information visit: https://thecyberhawk.com/ or email Michael Dalgleish, Marketing Manager, Cyberhawk: [email protected]

About Shamal Technologies:

Shamal Technologies offers smart solutions in building and integrating systems, data acquisition and analytics. Shamal Technologies is the first in Saudi Arabia to develop solutions that integrate artificial intelligence technology with unmanned systems. Shamal Technologies plays an integral role in executing the Saudi vision by supporting national stakeholders to achieve their goals by digitizing the economy, using Saudi-made technology which is operated by a highly trained Saudi workforce. For more information visit: https://shamaltechnologies.com or email Abdulkareem Jabr, CTO, Shamal Technologies: [email protected]

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