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BBMF Lancaster Haworth Flypast May 2022 and FPV aircraft

A busy day for Simon Dale from FPVUK ahead I suspect. Simon has made huge inroads advocating for safe FPV flight and has the ear of the regulator. He is going to be fielding calls about a monumental demonstration of poor judgment from an FPV driver and the UK Airprox Board will no doubt convene for this one.

A video from YouTube user Spaceport Seven shows the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster passing over Warley Reservoir just to the south of a NOTAMed air display. The display was a flypast of Haworth 1940’s Weekend

Things happen when you are flying, I get that and it is important to learn from them, but to post a YouTube video for clicks is not where that learning process starts. One might almost think it was a set up.

Can you tell I am angry, this is just he sort of thing that will poison the regulator against sensible users, as Bruce points out.


I will add in Spaceport Sevens’ comment and video but I expect the video will be gone from YT soon. The assertion that he or she was flying legally is a stretch.

The Lancaster is loud, the flypast had been mentioned on local press and TV as well as being NOTAM’d good airmanship dictates that the FPV flyer is aware of anything that might be happening in the sky surrounding them whilst they fly.

I cannot believe they did not hear the Lancaster coming.

They should of course have had a spotter who will have seen and heard the Lancaster coming and advised on avoiding action to take.

The video rather looks like they turned towards the Lancaster and then chased it a bit, but that’s just my interpretation.

The BBMF pilots and crew, like the Red Arrows, are at the top of the top, posts that happen as a reward because of continued excellence in their careers. I have no doubt they will have seen the FPV model and deemed it no threat and continued.

Of course, the Lancaster would have made mincemeat of the foamie and faced much bigger foes 80 years ago, but that’s not the point.

Come on people if we want a free equitable sky shared by all we need to start demonstrating airmanship.

Not every day this happens.. Totally blown away by this, suprised to see a huge aircaft right near me very suddenly , i certainly was not expecting this to fly by ! Brilliant and i hope the Avro pilots saw my aircraft and laughed. I was flying really quite low and within my legal limits at about 70meters altitude pretty much over where i was stood. The Aircraft i was flying is the Heewing F-01 690mm wingspan electric powered foam model, bit of little n large ! 2022-05-21 12-50 near Halifax

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