Great news from Drone Logistics Ecosystem, two of our members, the Singaporean aerospace company AirGo Design  and Brazilian drone manufacturer JETWIND BRASIL have signed an agreement to work on the introduction of AirGo’s standardised lightweight/Smart-drone cargo container and delivery system aka DroneBox™/DroneFridge™ and DroneDelivery™ for the South American market.

Dr Ali Jahanshahi, DPhil, COO of AirGo Design Pte Ltd and President of DLE said “in the past 2 years, the AirGo engineering team have been working on standardised drone cargo delivery solutions featuring lightweight composite material, IoT device and software integration. We have extensive know-how in advanced composite material application in the aerospace industry to design and manufacture ultralight and robust drone delivery boxes and delivery systems aka DroneBox™/DroneFridge™ and DroneDelivery™, and we are working in partnership with various companies to integrate IoT, software and cooling system solutions. JETWIND is one of the most promising newcomers in the drone delivery industry under the great leadership of Mr Tiago Giglio Rodrigues. We have taken the strategic decision to work closely with JETWIND to integrate our DroneDelivery™ system onboard their drones.”

Mr Tiago Giglio Rodrigues, Founder & CTO of JETWIND, DLE Chapter director for Brazil, said “JETWIND is cantered in Remotely Piloted Aircraft Sys Engineering with competence to design, manufacture and test customized solutions as the cargo sys from AirGo. The advantages of this process are the development of efficient solutions able to operate according to Safety and Environmental standards stated by Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide to build a true Logistics System based on drones. I believe that the AirGo initiative will ensure sustainable growth in a market that demands a standard internationally recognized in terms of cargo containers for drones. Following this belief, JETWIND is excited to work with AirGo offering a “universal” lifter, the RQ-17 ION, able to optimize deliveries and Air Resupply Operations in an efficient and affordable way for private and governmental institutions worldwide.”

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