ResponDrone Project to hold its final conference in Portugal

ResponDrone Project to hold its final conference in Portugal

The international ResponDrone project will hold its concluding conference on April 26–28, 2022 in Porto, Portugal in which it will summarize the work done over the last three years to develop and apply a fleet of drones in emergency situations, providing critical information and communication services to first responders.

The conference will include hands-on demos of the different components of the ResponDrone system and discussions of future ways of utilizing it by first responders, as well as a first look at the videos created of the final demonstration.

The ResponDrone System provides accurate location information to first responders, especially in relation to infrastructure, when called on to deal with a fire, flood or any other natural disaster.

In March, ResponDrone partners held their final demonstration and trial at the Atlas Flight test centre in the province of Jaen, southern Spain.

The demonstrations conducted simulated fire and search and rescue scenarios. The ResponDrone platform performed well, displaying how having a clear overview of the situation through a centralised command interface and mobile applications helps build situation awareness. Additionally, the demonstration showed how multiple drones, carrying different types of payloads, are able to fly safely at the same time using the platform.

“After three years of intensive work, disrupted by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can finally meet in person again with all partners,” said ResponDrone project coordinator Max Friedrich of the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

“The Porto meeting will enable us to share results with all partners and plan how to continue the tremendous work done and how it should be presented.”

The ResponDrone system simplifies and accelerates situation assessment, information sharing, decision-making and operations management for first responders. It delivers high quality information to any involved control center through a web-based cloud platform, which is accessible and operated from a remote site.

About ResponDrone 

ResponDrone is an international project co-funded by the EU and the South Korean government (GA No. 833717), which has developed an integrated solution for first responders to easily operate a fleet of drones for multiple synchronized missions in order to enhance their situation assessment capacity and increase their own protection.

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