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Introducing Animal Dynamics: Addressing the worlds urgent, complex, and dangerous operational challenges

Animal Dynamics has a rich history of building innovative, bio-inspired autonomous systems. It first began with Skeeter, a flapping-wing micro-drone, which was designed to perform in complex high-wind environments. More recently it developed Raydrive, an underwater autonomy system inspired by the gliding motion of a manta ray. Raydrive is a fully autonomous, underwater vehicle that uses a flapping propulsion technique to glide with minimal energy.  

By taking inspiration from the special techniques and subtleties that animals use to move throughout the animal kingdom, the AD team have reimagined how autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles radically improve the way cargo is delivered over long distance. Today its focus is on commercialising  Stork, an autonomous heavy-lift powered parafoil capable of carrying 135kg over 400km.

New technologies and thinking like this will play an important role in disrupting operations and changing the way cargo can be transported from A to B, whilst removing humans out of harms way. This will rewrite the rules in a number of industry use cases from military resupply, to logistics, humanitarian aid, surveying and even aerial crop spraying.

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