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Flyby Guys OY & Spectre Solutions LLC team up to augment operations in the Middle East and Africa

Flyby Guys & Spectre Solutions announce the signing of a strategic agreement with the
objective to support Spectre Solutions’ growth in the Middle East and Africa region. Spectre
Solutions is an innovative Drone Design and Manufacturing Company, specializing in
cutting-edge VTOL UAVs. It’s lead product, the Spectre-1 drone, is challenging conventional
boundaries and opening new opportunities with regards to UAS payload delivery. Having
recently signed several new projects, Spectre was looking for a partner to augment its
operational capabilities abroad.

Helsinki-based Flyby Guys, specialists in drone deliveries, drone fleet operations, consulting, and Industrial UAV Services, are a recognized industry leader and recognized international consultant to several government bodies. Flyby Guys has committed to provide its global experience in large scale operations and technologies as a contribution to the partnership.

Flyby Guys will provide Remote Piloting Instructors, Aviation Project Management specialists and Advisory Services, supporting Spectre’s continued growth and success.

The partnership will leverage the Flyby Guys regional hub in Dubai from which Flyby Guys
will operate its Middle East and Africa operations.

“We rely on Flyby Guys as a partner that will allow our drone to be widely used in the Gulf and Africa region through a unique set of skills.” said Mr. Sebastian Konkol, Partner and
Chief Information Officer Spectre Solutions.

“We bring our skill and dedication to this project, as well as our vast experience with drone
operations in the region. I look forward to our collaboration.” said Stephen Sutton, Group
CEO of Flyby Guys.

About Spectre Solutions

The company was established in 2015. Initially, the founders wanted to solve the local
healthcare problem in Poland. The first UAV designed by Spectre Solutions was fixed-wing
construction with VTOL capabilities. It was designed to bring defibrillators to potential crash
sites. After tests the company revised the model, acquired EU funding, and started working
together with the Warsaw University of Technology. The project began in 2018 and allowed
the company to fundamentally alter its business strategy for the UAV industry. A current
model called Spectre-1 was completed in August 2021. A new VTOL was shown during the
MSPO fair (Military exhibition in Kielce, Poland), Defence Conference in Poland. In late
autumn of 2021, Spectre-1 was also presented on the Dubai GITEX show, where he received a good response. At Expo 2020 closing, the company was awarded during the Annual Investment Meeting for its Spectre-1 medical business application.

About Flyby Guys OY, www.flybyguys.com

Fly-by Guys provide thought leadership, working with regulators, as well as private
organizations. Operationally, Fly-by Guys focus on augmenting fleet operations on-target
delivery execution and mission critical project services to the UAV industry internationally.

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