Eurolink Beluga drone to embed uAvionix George autopilot and CNPC ecosystem

Eurolink Beluga drone to embed uAvionix George autopilot and CNPC ecosystem

uAvionix have announced that Beluga, a state-of-the-art family of drones designed by Italian company Eurolink Systems, has completed its integration of various avionics from the uAvionix certifiable low-SWaP ecosystem, including the George G3 autopilot, microLink CNPC radio system, and truFYX EXT GPS.

Beluga™ is a new generation of small UAS (sUAS), the result of 3 years of design and development with a strong focus on State-of-the-Art technology available for each vital component. The Beluga sUAS is designed to perform a wide variety of tasks including medical transportation, precision farming, search & rescue, and last-mile delivery.

The system will include the uAvionix George G3, a CubePilot-based autopilot designed to DAL-C safety standards, and the truFYX EXT GPS which will provide its customers with the highest quality avionics at an incredibly low Size Weight and Power consumption (SWaP) at a low cost. Beluga will soon include the ability to operate on skyLink C-band CNPC radios, fully integrated with George.

“In our desire to focus on being best in class for Design, Noise, AI, Capabilities, Robustness, and usability for demanding profession customers, we identified a few partners to help us meet these challenging requirements,” said Pietro Lapiana, President of Eurolink Systems. “uAvionix showed technology, competence, and support at the highest levels. We are proud to use uAvionix technology inside”.

“uAvionix is proud to see another high-quality OEM in Eurolink Systems adopt our certifiable technology”, said Christian Ramsey, President of uAvionix. “The uAvionix ecosystem helps best in class designs such as Belugadrone meet the demands of professional users and will significantly enhance the ability to obtain safety and operational approvals for all its envisioned use cases”.

About Eurolink Systems

EuroLink Systems is an e-solutions leader specializing in distribution, support and added-value services for hardware, software, and data management products. The company’s product mix includes embedded systems, rugged servers, storage devices, peripherals, networking/communications, data acquisition, single-board computers, analog/digital/serial I/O boards, radio frequency/microwave and other product families. These combined technologies serve as a baseline to support the Beluga platform. EuroLink’s experience revolves around the Industrial, Military, Transportation and Scientific Research markets.

About uAvionix Corporation

uAvionix was founded in 2015 with the mission of bringing safety solutions to the unmanned aviation industry to aid in the integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System (NAS). A fundamental principle of that mission is to provide solutions that allow all airspace users a common situational awareness of the airspace. Through the evolution of our company, we pioneered and now offer low SWaP TSO certified and uncertified ADS-B and GPS solutions for General Aviation (GA), Airport Surface Vehicles and the UAS markets. Based in Bigfork, MT and Leesburg, VA, uAvionix consists of an unparalleled engineering and management team with a unique combination of experience within avionics, surveillance, airport services, UAS aircraft development, radio frequency (RF), and semiconductor industries. The entire leadership team consists of pilots of fixed wing, rotary wing, and UAS aircraft. uAvionix is owned by DC Capital Partners. To learn more about uAvionix manned and unmanned products, please visit:

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