C-UAS NexTE Environment

C-UAS NexTE Environment

Nexus Nine are a UK-Based company that, for the past five years, has specialised in testing Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) and Counter-UAS (C-UAS) technologies. This testing has been for both Government and Industry bodies and has included the full spectrum of C-UAS Detect, Track, and Identify (DTI) techniques, as well as an end to end C-UAS testing, including Effector technologies with cooperation from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

With this unique blend of experience and knowledge, Nexus Nine can offer an advanced capability to offer industrial partners the ability to improve their systems via an iterative ‘develop & test’ methodology and to demonstrate them to potential customers in a realistic environment. Coupled with input from Nexus Nine’s SMEs, this process offers the opportunity for our customers to remain ahead of their competitors. Nexus Nine’s Test Engineers and Flight Team, operating a large and diverse fleet of UAVs, who will cater to your bespoke goals and aspirations, providing in-depth feedback and advice at every step, working with you for the betterment of your technology and, subsequently, the safety and security it provides.

With exceptional hands-on experience and unique tools, Nexus Nine supply’s a world-leading package, which is guaranteed to improve and develop C-UAS equipment beyond the capabilities of a self-developed test site in a credible, independent, and professional manner.

Mick Davidson, CEO Nexus Nine commented: “What is NexTE? It is not another ‘Sandbox’
environment and certainly not a traditional one. We want our customers to be able to scale and grow with products that serve the industry in the best and most efficient way possible.

We will provide the data, the analytics, and the truth in reporting, so customers can learn, identify and moreover, prove and/or improve their systems based on real-world requirements.

Remaining completely independent allows us to truly add value based on many years of experience. A small cost for such huge value.

Everything we do is to ENHANCE, PROTECT and SUPPORT our customers capability development”.

Get in touch and discover more: info@nexusnine.co.uk