UK-Based Inzpire Limited Conclude Delivery of Uncrewed Air Systems and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operational Concepts Training to the Belgian Ministry of Defence

UK-Based Inzpire Limited Conclude Delivery of Uncrewed Air Systems and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operational Concepts Training to the Belgian Ministry of Defence

Experts from Inzpire’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Division have delivered a week-long Uncrewed Air Systems (UAS) and ISR Operational Concepts training course to ten senior military procurement managers from across Belgian defence.

Participants included senior leaders from operational commands and managers from the Material Management Organisation with air, land and naval components represented in the student cohort.

The course was designed bespoke to the customer’s requirements using topics and modules from Inzpire’s portfolio of training courses. The curriculum included a variety of topics including: UAS/Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS) roles; missions and technical characteristics; ISR fundamentals and targetable signatures; UAS electronic warfare systems; UAS communications and tactical datalinks; Processing Exploitation and Dissemination (PED); and threats to UAS.

Inzpire’s instructors taught students the skills and knowledge required in order to make strategic decisions around the requirements management and purchase of future UAS and RPAS.

The learning culminated in a practical exercise designed to formulate and analyse UAS requirements and technical solutions from an operational perspective.

Dan Marshall, Deputy Head of ISR Division at Inzpire, said: “I am delighted that Inzpire’s ISR Division has been given this fantastic opportunity to support Belgian Defence by providing this training package which was designed to provide UAS military supply chain managers with critical knowledge of the ISR processes from an operator’s perspective.

“The procurement specialists who studied this course will now be able to make informed decisions on the selection of future UAS equipment and understand the wider requirements needed for the capability to be operationally effective. This task-focused approach will help build requirements through an understanding of ISR targets and sensor-to-target matching and allow for the identification or required parameters for the air platform and associated systems.

“The investment in this valuable education by Belgium Defence will support their UAS procurement process for a number of capabilities ranging from small, soldier-packable UAS up to large, medium altitude and long endurance RPAS. Inzpire would relish the opportunity to further support Belgium Defence with training and technical support for their UAS programmes in the future, especially as key European partners in the MQ-9B programme.”

Frédéric Wilmotte, Head of the Belgian Defence UAS Program Management Office, said: “We would like to say a big thank you to the Inzpire instructors for sharing their vast knowledge and experience in the field of UAS ISR.

“This course has been a great opportunity for the Belgian Defence UAS community.”

Inzpire’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division

Inzpire’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division delivers expertise in the crewed and uncrewed ISR domain through an expert team with over 35,000 operational flying hours across a range of platforms. The division’s capabilities span training design and delivery; operational managed services; consultancy and expert advice in all aspects of the ISR capability life cycle, from requirement capture and definition through to platform concepts of operation, training and operations.

Most of the division’s experts are Qualified Weapons Instructors in ISR and more than half retain currency in their capacity as RAF Reservists to deliver and support frontline ISR and RPAS operations. This ensures Inzpire’s ISR experts retain a solid understanding of what ISR practitioners need at all stages in the careers.

Inzpire’s Training Academy

Inzpire’s Training Academy delivers training across a range of subject areas: air and space operations; air-land integration; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensors; unmanned air operations; tactical helicopter training; advanced technology and analysis training; cyber operations; electronic warfare; intelligence and analysis; and human factors and performance.

The Training Academy offers flexibility to suit the needs of the customer. Training can be delivered at either Inzpire’s headquarters in Lincoln or at a location to suit those studying, with many courses also available online through Inzpire’s own virtual learning environment.

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