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Motion-Robotics Ltd to demonstrate at The Department for Transport, Drone Pathfinder Catalyst showcase in Milton Keynes stadium

Southampton based robotics company Motion-Robotics Ltd will be demonstrating their new non-cooperative aircraft detection system for autonomous drones. The event will be held at Milton Keynes stadium and hosted by UK innovation agency Catapult connected places. Formerly known as the Future Cities Catapult and also the Transport Systems Catapult. The Connected Places Catapult is the British government’s innovation agency for the transport industry and autonomous vehicles.

On the 14th of march at MK stadium from 10am to 3pm, automated solutions from the UK’s leading engineering teams will be all in the same building. Receiving presentations from government and private sectors of transport discussing the future of transportation and solutions to key tasks. The event will be concluded by live demonstrations in the stadium from demonstrators such as Motion-Robotics Ltd. 

Motion-Robotics Ltd will be showcasing our VISIOPHONIC module which can detect transponderless proximate aerial craft and obstacles in the vicinity of our drones. Our unique solution utilises a joint vision and audio model to produce highly confident obstacle detections in varied environments. Moreover, our distinct mechanical system combines a wide angle and telephoto camera to find potential obstacles at greater distances.

Statement from CEO, Dr Dennis Majoe on the VISIOPHONIC system

VISOPHONIC integrates state of the art robotics, combining hardware and artificial intelligence resulting in a system that can operate in a wide range of weather conditions, identifying a range of typical transponder free craft. Listening and seeing are basic instincts when humans scout for an intruder. VISIOPHONIC combines these senses to form a robust detection system.

About Motion-Robotics Ltd

Motion Robotics is first and foremost a robotics company that specialises in automation and motor technology which fits perfectly with Aerial and Ground Drones. We operate in three areas that will enable unmanned and manned drones to perform safely and effectively. Founded By CEO Dr Dennis Majoe in (2018), Motion Robotics have recently been selected as one of the winners of the Drones Transport Research and Innovation Grants. DTRIG: Drones a 2021 Programme on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT) as well as having contributed to the Future Flight COVID-19 response With UKRI (United Kingdom Research and Innovation). The company is actively engaged in UKRI and Department of Energy funded projects promoting resilience in health care by way of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence With their upcoming Project. 

To find out more information visit our website: www.motion-robotics.co.uk 

For further information or statements do not hesitate to give us a call ( +44 02380 464 785 ) or contact via email [email protected] 

About Connected Places Catapult:

Connected Places Catapult is the UK’s innovation accelerator for cities, transport, and places. At Connected Places Catapult, we provide impartial ‘innovation as a service’ for mobility and built environment businesses, infrastructure providers and public institutions to catalyse step-change improvements in the way people live, work and travel. We connect businesses and public sector leaders to cutting-edge research. We help develop, implement and commercialise the latest technology and innovation for existing markets, as well as create demand and grow new markets in the UK and globally. In addition to the many projects we’re working on with our partners, we run technology demonstrations and innovation accelerators for SMEs to help scale new solutions that drive business growth while contributing to economic growth and a better, greener future for all.

Drone Pathfinder Catalyst Programme – Showcase Event bio: The UK has the opportunity to become a world leader in the use of commercial drones and, with advances in technology innovation and emerging regulatory frameworks, now is the time for public and private sector organisations to embrace drone solutions to boost productivity and accelerate growth. 

The Department for Transport funded Drone Pathfinder Catalyst programme is culminating in a final showcase, which will include:

  • Opening Session – with the Programme Steering Committee
  • Drone Pathfinder Catalyst Programme 2021/2022
  • Driving Drone Adoption – sector case studies & demonstrations
  • Drone Technology 
  • Public Perception of Drones  
  • TRIG: Drones Projects
  • Live Demonstrations in the Stadium 

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