Has DJI throttled Aeroscope in Ukraine?

Developing in a Twitter thread, user @vshymanskyy claims the following:-

According to recent reports from Ukraine, the Chinese drone producer @DJIGlobal have limited the capabilities of its “Aeroscope” technology for Ukrainian army, giving a significant air reconnaissance edge to Russian invaders.

Though Russians are using Aeroscope hardware, they use the technology to track the drone operators’ positions in order to target their artillery/rocket fire. In other words, Russians use DJI technology to kill Ukrainian drone operators.

Adam Lisberg@adamlisberg This is FALSE. Some units in Ukraine are malfunctioning, and we’ve been trying to diagnose the problem to get them fixed.

So at the very least we now know for certain both sides are using Aeroscope in the Ukrainian conflict. Adam is DJI’s spokesperson in the USA.

Just last week Aerovironment sent out press releases proclaiming that they sell more military sUAS than anyone else.

I bet DJI would disagree

If this thread becomes viral, it will if nothing else serve to show end-users that they can easily be tracked.

If you need to spoof Aeroscope, I have just posted this

This is a translation of a Facebook thread by Taras Troiak mentioned in the Twitter thread above.

The Russian Army has a lot of stationary Aeroscopes (UAV monitoring complexes) from Syria with an extended distance of up to 40 km.And those, Aeroscopes that were supplied for Ukraine and we installed them in Ukraine – almost all of them unusually turned off on almost all objects, including the nuclear power plant, and do not work. Also, we can’t connect the new ones.Because if you’re taking off somewhere, here’s a guide on how to ruin an Aeroscope:dji aeroscope can reflect in real time:- Model of copter,- position and height,- the story of flight,- home point (off point),- the position of the pilot (with GPS included in the mobile device connected to the remote).

Based on this, this is IMPORTANT:

1. Turn off gps in mobile device, wi-fi and mobile internet (better turn on flight mode)

2. Run a copter at a safe distance from the workplace (turn on, take off and get back there! ).

2.1. Turn on the copter exactly at the landing spot, not on the road, as it can update the home point and write down the history of the journey in hand, which in turn will show the direction to the workplace.

Besides, a copter can be identified even on the ground without gps (zero coordinates will be shown, but the fact that the copter is in the radius of dji aeroscope action will be known, just without the exact position until the copter catches the satellites and renews the home point).

2.2. If you fly to your workplace, after completion, then in the history of flight it will be visible and p. 1 won’t help (since a pilot without gps on a mobile device will show landing location).

2.3. Turn it off also at the landing site, so that in the history of the flight there is a place of landing and landing.

3. According to the documentation, the remote control is first turned on, then the copter, and the other way around (copter, then the remote control). If possible, it is better to do it with an assistant and to take into account the difference of distance from the point of landing and the place of work to the necessary object.

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