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The 2022 Small Unmanned Systems Business Journal

Call for papers and articles!

While the small Unmanned Systems Business Expo continues its pandemic hiatus,
we still endeavour to produce the Business Journal. We aim to showcase and
disseminate content worthy of the global business community’s time and attention.

There is no fluff, filtered of conjecture and distilled down to the material that
professionals can use to prosper.

Last year we focused on some of the progress made by the domestic (USA) industry
in the current FAA regulatory environment. Much is happening around the world,
and we are interested in learning more about the breakout applications and
proposed regulations that will allow this technology to make strides in adoption and

We always request that your proposals be of value to the community at large and
not an advertisement. Advertising opportunities are available if marketing is also a
goal. Submissions should be 500 +/- words (or as long as you think they need to be
to tell the story) and include a few pictures or graphics that are relevant to the topic.

Everything is due no later than COB, April 19th, 2022.

A few links to past offerings for reference –



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