Purpose Built. Most Affordable collision-resistant drone for
confined-space inspection.

Purpose Built. Most Affordable collision-resistant drone forconfined-space inspection.

Traditional storage tank inspection or inspection in hazardous environments require workers to risk their safety by working at great height or exposing themselves to harmful elements.

Today, we launch a solution that will reduce safety risks while improving operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Introducing Lumicopter, a collision-resistant drone that increases the safety and efficiency of indoor inspections. Designed to fly in enclosed/hazardous facilities, detects damages, and send a live video feed to the controlling tablet. It can be deployed quickly without any complex installation

Lumicopter is the most cost-effective collision-resistant indoor inspection drone designed to roll around tight corners and prevent being trapped. It enables professionals to easily inspect the interior of buildings, powerplants, ships, and other confined spaces.

“We want to use our expertise in drones and robotics to design reliable, cost-effective, collision-resistant indoor inspection drones for industrial use, to help other businesses improve their inspection efficiency at a fraction of the current market cost”. – Wei Liang,
founder of Lumicopter.

Lumicopter is not only capable of flying in complex indoor environments but also capturing crystal clear videos of up to 4K 60 fps. Combined with a 4000 lumens LED system, Lumicopter is perfect for low light indoor inspection.

Additional features include a controllable single-axis camera tilt of up to 108°, reducing drone manoeuvre during the inspection. Superior flight stability thanks to downward vision sensor for altitude position hold. Signal penetration of up to three floors in a concrete
stairwell (no line of sight). Safety feature such as a forward distance sensor for obstacle avoidance is also available.

Our product brings a new perspective to indoor visual inspection, which can be used in various fields such as oil & gas, construction, power & utility, public safety, sewers etc.

About Lumicopter:

We are a team of young engineers and drone operators who have years of industrial and military drone experience. We have been providing Confined Space Inspection since 2017.

Over the years, we faced many challenges doing indoor inspections. As drone technology advances, we saw an opportunity that can solve most of our indoor inspection problems.

We did some R&D work and created the Lumicopter intending to help other businesses improve their inspection efficiency at a fraction of the current market cost.

Website: https://www.lumicopter.com/

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