PromoDrone announces the appointment of Toni Drummond to their advisory board

PromoDrone announces the appointment of Toni Drummond to their advisory board

San Diego, February 2022. PromoDrone announced today the appointment of Toni Drummand to their advisory board. This increases the diversity of the advisory board members who span the engineering, software development, finance, sales, business development, corporate strategy fields, and now compliance.

Toni, who brings over 25 years of excellence in the aviation industry, in tandem with her team at Prestige Air Group, will be spearheading the compliance and integration of PromoDrone’s platform into regulated airspace.

“We are excited to have Toni on board not only for her expertise and deep knowledge of the rules and regulations surrounding the FAA but also the energy and excitement she brings with every new problem she tackles,” said Joree Weatherly, PromoDrone’s Director of Brand Development, “Toni will be an integral part to ushering in our next phase of development ensuring every aspect of the business is FAA compliant from systems to operations.”

Toni kicked off her aviation career as the Director of Charter Sales at PrivatAir. She then over the next decade held various VP positions at private charter service companies. Starting in 2008 she served as CEO to EmreAir Solutions where she specialized in procedural implementation to train Part 91 and Part 135 companies to ensure compliance. In 2018 she joined on as a managing partner at Prestige Air Group providing on-site planning and logistics. Recently she jumped into the UAS space through her company
Global Aerial Management Group which aims to service both the manned and unmanned aviation industries. Aside from a focus on agriculture and disinfecting public venues, Toni is helping private UAS companies develop and activate solutions with a compliance first approach.

“I am beyond excited to be a part of PromoDrone,” said Toni. “The creative technology combined with talent & ingenuity will change the way we look at advertising. This is just the beginning!”

About PromoDrone

PromoDrone is an aerial advertising company that is combining drone technology, compliance, and AI to bring fan facing experiences to the masses. PromoDrone aims to fundamentally change the way in which fans view and engage in brand experiences.