Volatus to start building Natilus large cargo drone

Volatus secures the first production delivery slot for the Natilus Large Remotely Piloted Cargo Drone.

“In November 2021, we announced the expansion of our existing drone services business into the drone cargo market with the introduction of the fully autonomous drones produced by Avidrone,” says Glen Lynch, CEO of Volatus. “The recent amalgamation with Partner Jet Inc. gives us the commercial infrastructure to operate drone cargo services, and the addition of Natilus aircraft establishes the long-term direction for our aviation division.”

Natilus is the leading developer of large autonomous cargo drone freighters designed to dramatically reduce both the cost and environmental impact of air freight. The Natilus N3.8T is the first in a family of next-generation freight aircraft. The twin-engine turboprop will have a maximum takeoff weight of 8,618 kg (19,000 lbs.), a maximum range of 1,667 km (1,035 miles) and is expected to carry a load of LD3 containers to a maximum weight of 3,855 kg (8,500 lbs.).

Natilus integrates three specific technologies to create increased efficiencies: Blended Wing Body (BWB) design, remote-pilot operation, and standard container standardization. The Natilus N3.8T offers an estimated 60% more cargo volume than traditional aircraft of the same weight while reducing costs and carbon dioxide per pound by 50%. The aircraft has completed its second wind tunnel test and is expected to begin deliveries in 2025.