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GET Corp. is joining DLE to collaborate with AirGo in energy-efficient Drone Delivery solutions

Portland (OR), US – Global Energy Transmission Co. (GET) enables battery-powered drones to fly forever by safely and quickly recharging while still in flight. Drones simply hover for a few minutes in one of our large wireless charging areas produced by GET Wireless Charging Station, which can be installed kilometers apart along flight routes, and inside. GET’s solution elevates drone-driven applications to a new level of autonomy, while providing high utilization of the drones, enhanced security, and all-weather operations. AirGo and GET have agreed to work on lightweight and energy-efficient solutions for the drone delivery industry, such as smart and fully automated delivery platform.

Global Energy Transmission Co. CEO Mr. Leonid Plekhanov, said “GET is here to connect people with the sky via GET Wireless Power Networks and we are happy to collaborate with AirGo and their ecosystem to implement this vision”

Drone Logistics Ecosystem™

Drone Logistics Ecosystem (DLE) is a free of charge, global multidisciplinary “quadruple helix” network of Companies, Universities, Public/Government, and Investors to stimulate innovations, collaborations, and standardisations in the drone logistics industry.

The aim of the Drone Logistics Ecosystem is to bring together stakeholders in the drone logistics industry under one roof to support the commercialisation and marketing of products of Drone Logistics members. Since the industry at its inception, most of the companies are early-stage start-ups with limited access to funding, manpower and expertise, making us an ideal platform for companies to lend their expertise for joint-development of products, consulting, or simply as sub-contractors, or for any other format of cross-disciplinary/border collaboration.

The benefits of the Drone Logistics Ecosystem include.

· Inclusivity for all players in the industry with an open Drone Logistics Ecosystem.

· Standardization globally to ensure the smooth and efficient movement of goods from the factory to the end customer globally.

· A win-win for all participants in this emerging industry and the delivery and courier industry, and more importantly, the customers.

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