Voliro collaborate with David Knukkel and GDI team to introduce aerial robotic NDT inspection in confined spaces

Voliro collaborate with David Knukkel and GDI team to introduce aerial robotic NDT inspection in confined spaces

Global Drone Inspection (GDI), the new subsidiary company of robotic inspection specialists RIMS BV, have announced today a partnership with Voliro AG, a Swiss-based startup and a spin-off from ETH Zurich that specializes in developing advanced aerial robotics for inspection and maintenance of critical infrastructure.

This partnership enables GDI to use the Voliro T flying robot to inspect storage tanks and other confined spaces safer and faster and collect more data than ever was possible before. The founder and CEO of GDI and RIMS, David Knukkel is well respected and vastly experienced in the marine and tank storage industry and has been partnering with heavy technical industries and maintenance providers for many years.

The GDI and Voliro alliance fills an industry gap and will aim to accelerate drone use in industrial environments. Through the alliance, GDI will collaborate with class societies and established inspection service providers to offer a complete solution for asset owners. David and his pilots are fully trained to use the Voliro T inspection robot and will start an inspection program in the Netherlands and surrounding regions within the coming weeks.

Mina Kamel, CEO of Voliro stated: “It was an easy decision to join forces with David and GDI. With their experience, industry knowledge, existing network and list of services, they can offer asset owners a solution that ensures product success. Through our collaboration, Voliro will receive valuable first-hand insight into the complexities of deploying drone technology in challenging environments. We are excited to see what the future holds for our teams.”

David Knukkel added “This partnership adds value to the service of Global Drone Inspection, now not only able to do visual inspections, but also carry out NDT-measurements. It was a great experience to develop this new service together with Voliro, as the introduction of NDT-equipment on drones is the next step taken in the world of asset management. It has been the missing link for a long time. The cooperation with Voliro gives GDI the opportunity not only to support end users, but also create different partnerships with NDT-companies to increase the added value by offering a more comprehensive service package to the asset owner. We believe that we are part of a chain of stakeholders, and aligning the right stakeholders will lead to success. This cooperation is a good start and we are confident to bring this technology to a higher level in the market”