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Kawasaki K-RACER delivery trial

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is an unmanned VTOL machine developed by our company for the purpose of solving social issues such as labour shortages in the logistics industry  ” K-RACER ”  (hereinafter referred to as ” unmanned VTOL machine”) and unmanned transportation by the cooperation of delivery robots. We have succeeded in proof of concept (hereinafter referred to as proof).

The Company, 2030 Group Vision was established as a future image to aim in the year 2030 in, the field to focus the future a “safe and secure remote society,” “near future mobility”, “Energy and Environmental Solutions”, in the “near future mobility.”, We are developing unmanned VTOL machines and delivery robots.

This unmanned VTOL aircraft has been modified from the aircraft that was tested in flight in 2020 to achieve a payload of 100 kg , and is equipped with a mechanism for linking with a delivery robot. The power unit uses the supercharged engine of the motorcycle ” Ninja H2R ” manufactured by Kawasaki Motors & Co., Ltd.

The delivery robot is based on the delivery robot which was developed by utilizing the knowledge of robotics and off-road driving technology of motorcycles and multipurpose four-wheeled vehicles so that it can run stably even on rough roads and uneven roads. We are developing it as a vehicle that can be mounted on unmanned VTOL aircraft.

In this demonstration, a delivery robot loaded with luggage automatically boarded an unmanned VTOL aircraft, automatically flew with the delivery robot loaded, and after landing, the delivery robot automatically left and delivered the luggage. This confirmed the completely unmanned transportation of cargo in the future without human intervention.
The unmanned VTOL aircraft will also be used in the “Unmanned VTOL Aircraft Transport Platform Construction Project “, which will be entrusted by Ina City, Nagano Prefecture.

Utilizing the knowledge gained from this demonstration, we aim to solve social issues such as labour shortages in the logistics industry, such as speedy transportation of goods that are not affected by road traffic conditions and topographical characteristics such as seamount rivers, mountain huts and remote islands. We will contribute to solving social issues by developing a system for stable transportation of goods to such places.

[Outline of proof of concept] Proof of concept of unmanned material transportation by the cooperation of
delivery robot and unmanned VTOL machine

Manual loading: Manned delivery Robot loading of packages
Robo automatic boarding: The delivery robot automatically travels , approaches the parked unmanned VTOL aircraft, and automatically boarded.
Automatic takeoff: Unmanned VTOL aircraft takes off automatically after boarding the delivery robot
Automatic flight: An unmanned VTOL aircraft automatically flies a predetermined route.
Automatic landing: An unmanned VTOL aircraft will automatically land at a predetermined landing point.
Robo automatic withdrawal: After the unmanned VTOL aircraft lands, the delivery robot automatically tries to withdraw from the unmanned VTOL aircraft and automatically travels to the delivery destination of the package.
Manual withdrawal: After the delivery robot reaches the delivery destination by automatic driving, the parcel is taken out manned.

[Aircraft specifications]
■ Unmanned VTOL aircraft

Drive system:Reciprocating engine type ( super charged engine for Ninja H2R )
Flight form:Vertical takeoff and landing method
control method:Automatic flight
payload:100 kg

■ Delivery robot

Drive system:electric
control method:Autonomous driving type
Cooperation with unmanned VTOL aircraft:Fully automatic cooperation including approach, boarding, and leaving of unmanned VTOL aircraft

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