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Florida Department of Management services ban DJI or do they?

If you are an official agency in Florida and you do stuff like this-

  • Aerial Inspection or Mapping Data Services
  • Agency Media Relations and Marketing Services
  • Agricultural and Gaming Support Services
  • Emergency Support Services
  • Law Enforcement Support Services

For a short while, yesterday, it looked like Florida was going to only allow you to use Blue sUAS.

The official website has changed overnight, a glitch in the matrix or a glimpse of things to come? This is what it said yesterday.

Pursuant to section 943.50(7)(b), Florida Statutes, the department herby provides the following list of approved manufacturers whose drones may be purchased or otherwise acquired and used by a governmental agency under section 943.50, Florida Statues:

  1. Skydio
  2. Parrot
  3. Altavian
  4. Teal Drones
  5. Vantage Robotics

This list provides approved manufacturers but does not guarantee that all models produced by these manufacturers meet an individual governmental agency’s specific needs or meet relevant security requirements. Beginning, July 1, 2022, all governmental agencies using drones, not on the department’s approved list must submit a comprehensive plan for discontinuing their use to the department.

Why did this notice appear and then disappear from here, I guess we will never know. I have reached out but doubt there will be a response in this holiday period.

I found it interesting that Florida thought that the companies on the list might not meet security requirements, that was the whole point of Blue sUAS! But they might not meet the needs of some departments, that is a valid point. No big LiDAR lifting platforms on the Blue sUAS list for instance.

I have a feeling we are going to see more of this sort of thing in 2022 and that Florida will properly reveal it’s hand.

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