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Airial Robotics – CT30 Cargotrak

Airial Robotics‘ heavy lift UAV CT30 Cargotrak has a massive 2.65m diameter rotor allowing it to remain stable in heavy winds and extremely high elevations of up to 5000m while carrying up to 10kg of cargo (8kg with a 25kg take off weight). The drone is designed for autonomous operation beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and is able to carry cargo as well as large sensors. Like all of Airial Robotics’ UAVs, the CT30 is made in Europe.

Its unusual design (patent pending technology) with two main motors powering one large rotor and two traction motors, which also provide torque compensation ensures very good flight characteristics and a high lifting capacity.

The CT30 Cargotrak is designed by aviation experts and built to aviation standards. Equipped with multi redundancies like positioning system, autopilot, main motor and multi communication options including backup satcom as well as its ability to perform an autonomous powerless emergency landing in autorotation make this system extremely safe and reliant. Its IP65 rating and night flight ability ensure a high level of operational readiness.


Empty Weight 10kg

Battery Weight Configurable, minimum 7kg

Max. Cargo 10kg (8kg*)

MTOW 30kg (25kg*)

Rotor Diameter 2650mm

Dimensions 2000 x 600 x 660mm

Cruise Speed 45km/h (28mph)

Max. Speed 65km/h (40mph)

Max. Climbing Speed 1.5m/s

Max. Take-off Altitude 4500m (MSL)

Flight Time Configurable to time and altitude of operation

Protection Class IP65

Autopilot Embention

Autopilot certification DO178C/ED12, DO254

Number of motors 4 (2x hub, 2x traction)

*Technical capability=30kg MTOW can be configured to 25kg TOW to comply with LOS EU Regulations (class C3 Unmanned aircraft system)

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