Sphere Drones partners with Skydio to distribute Skydio 2 and X2 autonomous drones in Australia

SYDNEY, November 3, 2021 – Sphere Drones, Australia’s leading drone solutions provider is pleased to announce a distribution partnership with American drone giant Skydio. The distribution partnership will allow Sphere Drones to introduce Skdyio’s X2 and 2 drones into Australia along with its Skydio Autonomy AI software, Skydio Dock, Skydio 3D Scan, and Skydio Cloud.

Skydio 2 For Enterprise – https://spheredrones.com.au/pages/skydio-2

Skydio 2 (S2) is the industry-leading autonomous drone. S2 combines the AI-powered flight autonomy engine with a compact, lightweight airframe, making it the most intelligent, safest, and simplest drone to operate in the market. Thanks to real-time 360° obstacle avoidance and motion prediction capabilities, S2 redefines the operational paradigm of drones, eliminating the risk of crashes and turning anyone into an expert pilot. Equipped with NVIDIA Tegra TX2 with 256 GPU cores, S2 brings industry-leading compute power to the edge of your infrastructure, automating data collection for situational awareness, inspection, or security. Designed, assembled, and supported in the USA, S2 provides higher degree of supply chain security.

Skydio X2 – https://spheredrones.com.au/pages/skydio-x2

Skydio X2E is the ultimate intelligent aerial tool for enterprise applications. X2E pairs breakthrough autonomy software with a rugged, foldable airframe for easy “pack and go” transportation, and up to 35 minutes of flight time. X2E is equipped with six 4K navigation cameras for 360° obstacle avoidance and a dual sensor payload that includes a 12MP colour camera and FLIR® 320×256 thermal sensor. From situational awareness and asset inspection to security and patrol use cases, X2E enables enterprises, first responders, and civilian agencies to safely ramp their drone fleets with minimal training, removing all barriers to enter the drone revolution. Designed, assembled, and supported in the USA, X2E provides a higher degree of supply chain security.

Sphere Drones CEO Paris Cockinos added:

It is an exciting time for drone technology in Australia! Skydio has shown the world that its Skydio 2 and X2 aerial solutions and powerful software are ready for prime time and will be sure to improve workflows of many around Australia. Sphere Drones is always excited to be a part of bringing great technology to Australia and expand access to our many customers.