Tethered system enables Mavic 2 to autonomously fly over and land safely on small vessels

Tethered system enables Mavic 2 to autonomously fly over and land safely on small vessels

Firefighters and police drone team has been using the V-Line tethered system for the
Mavic 2 drone in a variety of situations on land. Today, Volarious launch a new product called the V-Line boat mode.

It can also be used in coastline surveillance, search & rescue operations. A drone can take off, follow, and land on small vessels autonomously while providing a real-time elevated view of high resolution thermal & RGB images and video streams at the comfort of the cabin.

Many patrol boats used around the world close to shore has a small deck for
launching and landing drones. This is a big challenge for an inexperienced pilot as
one wrong move could mean that the drone falls into the water. The alternative is to
use the bare hands to catch the drone when it is near the vessel which puts the
operator in harm’s way.

“We built V-Line Boat Mode so that the whole process can be fully automated, from
taking off to boat following to landing,” said Weiliang, founder of Volarious. This
innovation allows users to expand operational capacity in activities like harbour and
inland waterways patrol.

To enable this automated feature, users require a unique 1.2-meter square landing
pad and the Volarious app. With one click of the button, the drone will take off and
follow the vessel, allowing surveillance from a high angle. This allows a small patrol
boat to efficiently observe its surroundings as well as much taller vessels. The V-Line
system works especially well when paired with the new Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced.

The high-resolution thermal camera allows better observation of objects and people at night.

The system works even without the V-Line tether kit, allowing drones to be flown
close to shore or vessels for detailed observation. During landing, advanced vision
algorithms guide the Mavic 2 to accurate land back onto the vessel. It automatically
compensates for the drift and rocking motion of the vessel.
Coupled with 5G connectivity, a low latency live stream from the drone can be sent
back to a command centre, allowing for greater situational awareness and
information sharing.

About Volarious:

Volarious is founded by engineers and drone operators who has
years of industrial and military drone experience. We design products to enhance DJI drones and make them perform for more use cases.

Website: https://www.volarious.com/software-boat-mode