Nordic Unmanned and Aeromon closes NUAer deal to become world-leading in maritime emission monitoring

Sandnes, Norway – Nordic Unmanned is pleased to announce the closing of the joint venture deal between Nordic Unmanned and Aeromon. The newly established joint company, NUAer, will combine the operational excellence and global reach of Nordic Unmanned and the world-leading emission monitoring technology of Aeromon. The mission of NUAer is to support the acceleration of the green transition in the maritime industry through world-leadership control of marine air pollution.

NUAer aims to be the world-leading system integrator providing mobile maritime emission monitoring systems to end clients. Its customer base will be governmental agencies, port authorities, shipping companies and oil and gas operators directly and through Nordic Unmanned’s existing and new maritime contracts.

Nordic Unmanned’s multi-purpose drone Staaker BG-200 has already been qualified for starting maritime emission monitoring operations with the new sniffing technology from NUAer, whilst Nordic Unmanned’s fleet of Camcopter S-100 will be equipped with NUAer sniffers during first half of 2022.

Following integration, NUAer is mission-ready and on track to deliver cutting-edge emission monitoring technology to its clients. Nordic Unmanned expects a sizable improvement in EBITDA within its Maritime operations with the NUAer sniffer system operational.

Nordic Unmanned is expecting to expand its Emission Monitoring operations into the US during Q2 2022.

The sniffer can measure several gases, including SOx, NOx, CO2, and Methane, providing actionable insight to both emitter and authorities. NUAer will integrate its offering with the services of its sister company Ecoxy, the leading Norwegian provider of accredited emission measurements for the shipping and oil and gas industry. These synergies will expand Nordic Unmanned’s service offerings to existing clients and strengthen the Group’s environmental monitoring profile for the governmental segment.

As previously communicated, Nordic Unmanned will invest EUR 1.5 million in the joint venture and will have an exclusive right to acquire the remaining 40 per cent of the shares of the company based on certain performance criteria.

Kristin Alne, an executive from the Energy industry with a Masters’ degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering, has become the CEO of NUAer. The company is based in Sandnes, Norway.


Nordic Unmanned delivers comprehensive data solutions through industry-leading expertise, to assist both public and private customers in the transition to unmanned technology. The focus is to support demanding clients by collecting time-critical data with the use of unmanned technology.

Founded in 2014, the company has offices in Sandnes, Oslo and Frankfurt, and has quickly become one of Europe’s leading providers of unmanned systems and services, with operations across the continent. The company is ISO 9001-2015 certified by DNV-GL for the operation, design and development, production, maintenance, and sale, of unmanned systems and sensor technology. Nordic Unmanned is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo (NUMND).

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