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New Cargo Drone “Hammerhead eV20” was presented at UAV Expo Americas 2021

The new drone Hammerhead eV20 from Airlogix company aroused considerable interest at the Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2021. Fellow developers, potential partners, and investors praised the machine and identified opportunities for future cooperation with Airlogix.

– We are very pleased with the results of our participation in the exhibition. It was a highly inspiring event. I do not want to spoil it yet, but we are happy to move on to the main thing in our project – Hammerhead flights in a couple of months. – CEO of Airlogix, Vitalii Kolesnichenko.

First of all, the public liked the fact that the drone has a fully electrical engine, and still has a significant carrying capacity and range. The machine has aroused interest, especially in industrial and farming companies, as a working tool for logistics.

And private users did not stay away, they were deeply interested in the drone. But it was a challenge for engineers – to explain that it is not allowed to transport children or dogs by drone. Obviously, the developers will have to write a very detailed manual on the use of the machine. The only dog you could transport by it is a robot SPOT.

Airlogix team conducted a small experiment with Boston Dynamics robot SPOT and placed it into the drone. Of course, that’s only for fun, but it also demonstrates the potential of the luggage compartment of the drone.

But this drone is not for fun – it can even be equipped with a refrigerator, for the transportation of biological samples between medical institutions.

The next step in Airlogix’s work will be to conduct Hammerhead eV20 test flights to check all aircraft systems in the field conditions, says Airlogix CEO, Vitalii Kolesnichenko: – We already confirmed all flight indicators on the downscaled model. And now we plan to move to a full-size model test and then move to serial production. All our work “on the ground” is aimed at this goal – to raise Hammerhead eV20 into the sky as soon as possible. We believe this should significantly expand the capabilities of the entire UAV industry.


Airlogix develops, builds, and operates drone logistics networks. Founded in 2020 and operating on two continents, the team consists of14 people: aerospace engineers, industrial designers, developers, and entrepreneurs.

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