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German flight management Startup Unisphere is joining the Drone Logistics Ecosystem to extend its reach beyond EU

Konstanz, Germany- Unisphere is announcing its collaboration with AirGo Design
facilitated through Drone Logistics Ecosystem. Unisphere’s mission is to drive the safe
automation of flight operations of unmanned aircraft. In that course, Unisphere is
collaborating with AirGo in software development for smart/traceable ultra-lightweight DroneBox™ using its proprietary solutions applied in advanced air mobility. Among others, the companies are looking for the implementation of cutting-edge simulation and blockchain technologies to enable the future of logistics.

UNISPHERE GmbH, Co-Founder & CCO Mr Christoph Selig said “We believe that drone
delivery has the potential to become an important part of future logistics. To make this possible, it is crucial to achieving a high level of automation in flight operations, which is only possible with a high degree of integration and coordination between all stakeholders.

For that purpose, we are joining the Drone Logistics Ecosystem to connect with relevant players in the world of drone logistics and ensure a good exchange along the value chain of drone operations.”

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