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Don’t blow your budget on drones you don’t need!

Ian Titchener

Before I start writing this, I’d like to make it clear that I am as guilty as the next man of buying kit that I don’t need! But seeing a lot of other people do the same thing whilst in my role as an RAE instructor and examiner

er has made me a little more worldly-wise when it comes to buying things that your business just doesn’t need.

Very recently I spoke to a friend (and more recently competitor) who had invested somewhere in the region of 30k on new aircraft and associated ancillaries for his business. Some of the sensors he had purchased were way above his paygrade. I asked him if he had a bump on the head, he said no and indicated that he had received advice from somebody (who shall remain nameless) that he should acquire this equipment to ensure that he was future proof.

Unfortunately, this is a story that we hear all too often. Granted not to the same extremes, but still too frequently. In a time when maintaining a healthy business is crucial, we thought it prudent to outline some basic advice when choosing your chosen platform.

1. What does it say in your plan? What sector are you going into? If aerial surveying for instance, then your choice of aircraft should probably be totally different from that you may choose if going into aerial photography

2. What type of product within that sector will you offer? Roof surveying, estate agents, construction?

3. Have you got redundancy? What happens if you put all of your eggs in one basket and they get smashed? It’s better to have two smaller aircraft than one bigger one you don’t need.

4. Don’t forget batteries! Always massively overlooked when buying aircraft. Having the kit is no good if you haven’t got the ability to keep it in the air (batteries, by the way, are often not cheap!)

5. Have a DJI Mini 2 It will pay for itself within a week!

6. DJI is not the only manufacturer! Both Parrot and Autel sell very capable aircraft, and in some cases more capable than their major competitor. Understand the options before you buy

7. Finally, ask yourself “Do I really need it?” If your honest answer is no, then don’t spend money you do not need to!

As a final thought, it’s also important to have the right training to operate in the sectors above. The image is your product and not the drone. You need to know how to use a camera! We can help you with the training side, and with free advice, if you are considering a new aircraft purchase. And what is more, we won’t sell you what you do not need!

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