Deutsche Aircraft Selects HEGGEMANN AG for D328ecoTM Wing Industrialization and Production

Deutsche Aircraft Selects HEGGEMANN AG for D328ecoTM Wing Industrialization and Production

Deutsche Aircraft, the new purpose-driven German aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), announced today the selection of HEGGEMANN AG for the D328ecoTM wing industrialization and production. This agreement covers the manufacturing of the D328ecoTM wing box and engine support.

The aerodynamically optimized wing design of the D328ecoTM will be manufactured in a state-of-the-art automatized manufacturing process flow. Hereby, progressive quality assurance and digitalized end-to-end processes in terms of “Industry 4.0” will be implemented.

The manufactured wing and its sub-components will be fully sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) compatible, with new sealants, surface protection measures and materials that fits with all mainstream sustainable aviation fuels.

HEGGEMANN has over 55 years industrial experience, mastering high-volume, industrialized production, which will support the growth of the aviation sector. The company has fully implemented the APQP principle, a digital end-to-end process and product lifecycle tracking system. These attributes are mandatory for Deutsche Aircraft’s deployment of Industry 4.0 manufacturing principles. Aside of digitalization, HEGGEMANN also offers REACH roadmap that aligns with Deutsche Aircraft’s efforts to minimize environmental impact.

“Combining the advantage of Dornier wing structure, forward-looking SAF compatibility and HEGGEMANN’s production expertise, this partnership will create great synergy for the D328ecoTM programme”, said Nico Neumann, Vice President of Operation and Programme at Deutsche Aircraft GmbH. “We found HEGGEMANN to be the perfect partner for the D328ecoTM wing serial production. Our vision and mission align when it comes to sustainable production roadmap. Furthermore, we are both proud of our German heritage of unmet engineering excellence and quality”.

 “We are very pleased to be an essential part of the development of the D328ecoTM programme. Realizing the wing in addition to the landing gear gives us the unique chance to further strengthen our partnership with Deutsche Aircraft. We will use our engineering competence and innovation strength to implement state-of-the-art digital manufacturing strategies and be an efficient manufacturing partner for Deutsche Aircraft,” said Dr. Christian Howe, CEO of HEGGEMANN AG.

About Deutsche Aircraft

Founded on the proud heritage of Dornier and upholding Germany’s reputation for engineering design, quality and innovation, Deutsche Aircraft is the new purpose-driven German Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). As Dornier 328 type certificate holder, Deutsche Aircraft enables the development of the D328® aircraft platform toward an efficient, economic and environmentally friendly aircraft, driving the future of aviation toward climate-neutral flight. With the government of Germany as partner, Deutsche Aircraft is leading the way in a new era of a cleaner, safer and more efficient aviation.

About Heggemann AG

Founded in 1962, HEGGEMANN AG develops and manufactures undercarriage, propulsion components, fuel tank systems, structural components and landing gears for the aerospace and automotive sectors, at its Paderborn, Germany facility.   With specialist expertise in metallic lightweight designs, from design to production engineering, the company’s 220-strong workforce, supports its customers in all phases of product development from concept and development via simulation and engineering, up to the building of prototypes, conducting of tests and functional examinations or the production of small and high volumes.  Its profound and long-standing engineering expertise has won the business recognition for its ability to supply build to print packages, develop innovative proprietary products and provide back up to customers throughout all product design and development stages.