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ARC Microturbine Generator

Loosen your shackles from the electrical grid – World’s smallest and lightest 9kW Microturbine Generator will revolutionize how we utilize electrical power.

The ARC generator is the world’s most compact 9kW generator – it is about the same size as a computer keyboard. The generator is a fully plug-and-play unit and measures about 15cm X 15cm X 50cm and weighs just under 4kg.

The “block-like” form-factor of the ARC allows stacking of units to provide more power. The single exhaust contains a bolt-on interface to allow easy ducting of hot gases. Multi-unit packages with a custom fuel-tank option available upon request.

The microturbine at the heart of the ARC consumes variety of heavy-fuel (Diesel, Kerosene, Jet-A) and the power supply has fully adjustable voltage output. The base version is rated to provide 180Amps at 48VDC. AC output is available upon request.

The ARC generator will allow electric drone and eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft) operators to reap the full benefits of the quick re-fill and high-energy density of kerosene. With the addition of a small fuel tank, the ARC genset can replace heavy lithium-based battery packs.

Large turbine-powered aircraft require an APU to produce the necessary amount of power for engine start. The ARC is ideal for providing the start-up power for such aircraft – it is small, lightweight, and works off the same fuel as the aircraft.

It is often very hard to transport large power generators in emergency situations, specifically ones arising out of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and snowstorms. A person can easily transport several ARC generators in a backpack providing on-demand power where it is needed.

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