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Varon Vehicles announces collaboration with D3 Technologies as a traffic management system partner

Varon Vehicles and D3 Technologies have signed an MoU stating
that D3 Technologies will be a partner in Varon Vehicles’ ecosystem paving the way to Urban Air Mobility. D3 Technologies develops a unique solution for highly automated and safe commercial passenger transport in urban air spaces. Varon Vehicles is developing “Infrastructure Networks” which are company’s vertiports in regions, suburbs and cities with virtual lanes over the low altitude skies connecting them, and fleets of their electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) next generation aircraft for urban use, servicing between them. These are a new form of mobility infrastructure that will not require per-mile construction, with which the company will be providing diverse transportation services in different markets.

“Our Traffic Management Systems (TMS) will be the central brains of our operations as it is there that our traffic of aircraft will be orchestrated in a safe and reliable manner, without burdening air traffic control or any other traditional aviation assets”, says Felipe Varon, CEO and Founder. “We are delighted to be collaborating with D3 Technologies as they bring serious capabilities to an integrated solution providing highest aviation safety considering weather management, off-nominal situation
management, airspace architecture design and real time aircraft monitoring capabilities, which are crucial for our TMS requirements.”

“We are convinced that a future UAM ecosystem must be interoperable and designed on a highest assurance level with a guiding central instance”, says Achim Kostron, Chief Commercial Officer of
D3 Technologies. “We are delighted to collaborate with Varon Vehicles and their approach of infrastructure networks developing concrete use-cases and driving them to implementation.”

Beginning of 2021 D3 Technologies became a member of the CAAM (Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium) and a responsible RTM partner in the Canadian AAM Masterplan.

Varon Vehicles Corporation is a disruptive mobility infrastructure company. It is implementing Urban Air Mobility with the new generation of electric aviation (eVTOLs) to provide radically new urban transportation services.

www.varonvehicles.com. Contact Felipe Varon, [email protected].

D3 Technologies provides an air traffic management system for highly automated Advanced Air Mobility. They develop a hardware/software solution that assures the highest safety standards. This safe and scalable system organizes air traffic over metropolitan areas and in connecting corridors.

www.d3-tech.com, [email protected].

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