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NORDIC UNMANNED receives notification of 7 million Euro contract award

Sandnes – Nordic Unmanned has received a conditional letter of award from
the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) regarding lightweight RPAS services supporting pollution response and multipurpose maritime surveillance for up to 4 years, with tender name EMSA/OP/1/2021

The official value of the framework contract is EUR 7 million over a period of up to 2+1+1years. Nordic Unmanned will utilize up to 19 Lockheed Martin Indago remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) drones in the service under the contract. A mandatory initial configuration test must be successfully completed within 45 days, before receiving the final framework contract signature. The official signing of the contracts is expected before end of October

The lightweight RPAS services will be utilized in support of EU and EFTA Member States, European institutions and bodies for pollution response at sea, safety or civil maritime surveillance. Lightweight RPAS services will support civil operations from vessels, onshore locations along the coastline or in ports. Up to 17 oil pollution response vessels across Europe will be equipped with RPAS equipment.

Nordic Unmanned will remain in 24/7 emergency response standby to operate the systems and take part in relevant drills and exercises. Up to two systems will be on standby for ad hoc long-term deployments. All operations will be live-streamed through Nordic Unmanned’s streaming solution into the EMSA RPAS data centre.

Sensors and payloads used under the contract will be day and night video/image sensors, radioactivity detectors, and logistical vessel to vessel support payloads.

The first specific contracts of deployment in Europe are expected to be received and have financial effect from the fourth quarter 2021 and the level will gradually increase through 2022. The utilization of the framework contract is contingent on specific contract call-offs from the client during the lifetime of the contract.

Nordic Unmanned was the incumbent bidder in this procurement as we also hold the current lightweight RPAS service contract (EMSA/OP/12/2018). We expect the new contract to gradually back-to-back replace the current contract, which will last until May 2023.

Nordic Unmanned delivers comprehensive data solutions through industry-leading expertise, to assist both public and private customers in the transition to unmanned technology. The focus is to support demanding clients by collecting time-critical data with the use of unmanned technology.

Founded in 2014, the company has offices in Sandnes, Oslo, and Frankfurt, and has quickly become one of Europe’s leading providers of unmanned systems and services, with operations across the continent. The company is ISO 9001-2015 certified by DNV-GL for the operation, maintenance and sales of unmanned systems and sensor technology.

For more information visit nordicunmanned.com – https://nordicunmanned.com/

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